Blue Bird Sky Finance

Earn more when you save

Open a Blue Bird Savings Account to earn 4.25% promo interest rate with at least 0.21% Annual Percentage Yield. Activities required.

Know About

Savings Account

Make your short-term goals a reality by letting your money work for you. A savings account lets you earn interest, access funds easily and set up automatic transfers.

By opening a Blue Bird Savings account in the Access Account package, you will get 0.05% Interest Rate / 0.05% APY*

Reach Your
Savings Goal With Us

Year of


Income Statement

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Our Savings Account Benefits

We help businesses and customers achieve more.

  • Earn Interest up to 7%

  • Free SMS Alerts

  • More Interest on Locked

  • International Debit Cards

  • Provides Safety

  • Paperless Banking

Eligibility to
Open Savings Account

Eligibility parameters for saving account.

  • 1


    United States Residents, and Non-Resident individuals

  • 2


    18 Years old or above

  • 3


    Residents, and Non-Resident individuals

  • 4


    18 Years old or above



Saving account opened
in last year

Savings A/c Required Documents

Basic documents required for opening a savings account.

PAN Card
is Mandatory

Duly Filled
Application Form

Color & Passport Size

Color & Passport Size

Account Interest & Charges

Your money is making money for you & Your Family.

Account Interest Rates
Per Annum

Balance in a/c

  • Up to 5000 USD
  • Above 10000 USD to 50000 USD
  • Above 50000 USD to 100000 USD
  • Above 1000000 USD


  • 3.00%
  • 5.00%
  • 8.25%
  • 13.40%

Debit Card

  • Annual Fees
  • Transaction Limit
  • Card Replacement
  • Nill
  • 20000 USD / Month
  • $600+Taxes

Credit Card

  • Annual Fees
  • Card Replacement
  • 15000 USD / Month
  • $600+Taxes